Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Wake up!

Whilst on my travels I made another stop off at Foxlake, the local wakepark close to Dunbar in the borders of Scotland. Callum, James and the awesome crew working there convinced me to enter in the Cutting Edge wakeboarding competition which was so much fun!


The level of riding in the area is awesome! Obviously I got my ass kicked as I've only ridden a cable a few times but I did manage to throw down (and land!) some aerials which I was pretty happy about. It was really cool to see the local girls killing it on the kickers and sliders, I'm going to have to step up my game in that department for sure!


The day started out wet and miserable, with gale force winds forecast. A big crowd turned out despite the baltic conditions and were rewarded with sunshine and blue skies after the squalls past. Four seasons in one day, true UK style! There were adult, junior and master categories and some of the most amusing commentating I've ever heard at a competition, lots of banter and jokes made at the riders expense, guess that's what happens when it's a local thing and everyone knows everyone ;)


It was fantastic to see how much the park has developed and grown since opening. They now have 2 system 2 cables, golf frisbee and best of all the Foxdrop!!


Foxdrop is perhaps the most fun looking climbing frame I have ever seen. Guarantied to bring out the kid in you! It's an assault course set on stilts above a small lake. The aim is to get around the obstacles without falling in to the water below.


It's full of crazy difficult traps to trick you into a trip in to the cold waters, wobbly bridges, seesaw bridges, chairs on rope pulleys and chain steps. It's great fun to sit and giggle at others expense as the mess up, knowing full well you'd probably do exactly the same if you tried.


If you manage to make it all the way around you then get to ride the Foxdrop. A zip slide which send you crashing into the waters below! Oh so much fun!!!

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