Monday, 30 September 2013

Sleeping in the clouds

Saying good bye to such a beautiful place and so many incredible people was hard to do but the sadness of leaving was lifted a little when I checked in for my flight...

Firstly due to a chance meeting with a young German girl, Chiara Von Grabe at the airport in Dar. I happened to sit next to her and notice she was crying, we got chatting and she told me she was on her way home from visiting her boyfriend and family. This was to be her first flight on her own and she was really nervous. Nerves and heart break are not a good combination when flying! She was such a sweety, a kind passenger took pity on her and swapped seats so we got to sit together on the first leg of the journey to Dubai. We both had around 7 hours to kill in Dubai airport before our next flight, so decided to stick together. Food seem liked the best option to keep us awake, we found a sushi place and had a feast!


After seeing Chiara to her next flight I got to my check in and was surprised to find the girl at check in was a kiter and knew who I was. She was such a star and gave me a free upgrade to 1st class and in Emirates that means a bed in the sky! Thanks Claire you rock, big time!!


Being treated like a princess sure makes a journey go faster!! I got spoilt rotten with seared tuna for dinner, followed by champagne and chocolates. Think I might be Emirates biggest fan right now!


One more flight onboard this funky little plane to go, next stop England!!!

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