Saturday, 29 June 2013

VOGUE surfboards!


 I might be a beach girl who loves to spend hours on the water but I love fashion just as much! When I saw this beautiful photograph taken by our writer and fashionista friend Carol Valenti I knew I was on to something exciting... VOGUE surfboards?! I want one!

chanelsurfboards2 (1)

I'm not the only one who think this is a great idea, Chanel have released a range of beautiful surfboards branded with the iconic Coco Chanel double C logo into the ocean of cool.

I love the stylish but timeless elegance of this dress by Angel Schlesser, teamed with the ultimate VOGUE  surfboard accessory this image becomes a masterpiece! Photograph taken from; Boda con sabor a sal. A wedding inspired shoot by Carol Valenti for the actress and model Ingrid Grudke's website. 

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